Why Your Relationships Suck? A podcast about creating strong relationships with courage and heart. Here we explore what gets in the way of the relationships we yearn for. The relationships to ourselves, those we love, and as fully expressed leaders in the world. We look for the gold in our most tragic relationship experiences, share our intimate stories, and the steps we took to overcome some of the most common relationship challenges many of us face.

Why Your Relationships Suck

Creating Strong Relationships with Courage and Heart

…Episode Eight with Jennifer Lovely

June 18, 2020

Episode Summary

Jennifer Lovely is a Mom of two Men, an Ontological Coach, curious about life, curious about humans and has the desire to see all of humanity living inside their integrity. She believes that is done by reclaiming our grace. She shares about parenting through her children’s heroin addiction and how their affliction gave her access to her own transformation.


Jennifer Lovely

Show Notes

  • Jennifer dives into her understanding of integrity and grace
  • The ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness
  • What she learned when she dropped her son off at rehab
  • Acquiring the resilience and stamina in being the mom to two meth and heroin addicts
  • On understanding her part in her relationships
  • Becoming a grandma and celebrating both of her son’s sobriety.
  • The need to be more interested in your self-transformation before others
  • Allowing every part of you to have a voice
  • Reclaiming grace through it all
  • Saying Yes to find out what your No’s are. Receiving feedback.

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