Why Your Relationships Suck? A podcast about creating strong relationships with courage and heart. Here we explore what gets in the way of the relationships we yearn for. The relationships to ourselves, those we love, and as fully expressed leaders in the world. We look for the gold in our most tragic relationship experiences, share our intimate stories, and the steps we took to overcome some of the most common relationship challenges many of us face.

Why Your Relationships Suck

Creating Strong Relationships with Courage and Heart

…Episode Two with Christina Stathopoulos

March 19, 2020

Episode Summary

Christina Stathopoulos of Hear Her Roar, international speaker, leadership coach & trainer for millennial women brings her courage and heart to the DADDY ISSUE EPISODE! 

Bouncing off of Bob’s idea of the neglect of a parent who is no longer living versus the neglect of a parent who is not responsible for his dysfunction and the impact it has. 

Speaking of impact, my desire is to lead the world in having more conversations that are expressions of our joy and feel as connected as family.


Christina Stathopoulos

Show Notes (10+ bullet points)

  • Quick note and apology to our parents for going out loud and authentic
  • Living with a father diagnosed with Bi-Polar
  • Living with a father who died
  • Processing what’s actually happening in parental relationships
  • Becoming aware as children and as adult children
  • Chasing approval and causing trouble
  • How healing isn’t linear
  • Getting woken up at 2 am to create a business plan
  • Making your way towards peace and joy
  • Give yourself permission to heal, over and over again, and be patient with it.

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