Blue collar people are some of the grittiest, toughest, bravest human beings on the planet. Every building, bridge, and road was built on the backs of their hard work. Every piece of raw material was mined by their calloused hands. They manufacture our goods and transport them around the world. We see that strong outer shell, but there's more to every person than meets the eye. In this podcast blue collar business leaders tell their stories of courage and victory over crushing defeats. That's only possible because of a mental and emotional fortitude and a willingness to ask for help. It's our mission to bring hope to those of us who are strong on the outside, but are living a life of quiet desperation on the inside. We'll do that by working together to tell the truth about the challenges we face, and what it really takes to break through them.

Tragedy to Triumph

Empowering the blue collar workforce to live longer, happier lives.

TTT Ep 8 – Sara Impaglia’s Story

January 14, 2021

Sara made some choices when she was younger that led to her getting hooked on drugs. Some of us may be able to relate.

Things got pretty bad and she ended up committing some crimes to feed her habit that landed her in prison. She was sentenced to 5 years.

I have a ton of respect for this powerful woman because of the fact that she turned her life around for the better and that she’s willing to share her story to make a difference for others.

Hear exactly how she made her life so good that it was too much of a risk to go back to drugs.


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