This is Not Advice

with Erin Conlon

This is Not Advice is an interview show where Erin Conlon practices not being a know-it-all with her guests. As an Executive Life Coach, Recovering Lawyer, Comedian, and Entrepreneur, Erin thinks she knows a lot, but through this podcast we are all learning from each other. Equal parts funny, serious, sensitive, and inspiring, this is the perfect show for you to listen to while doing stuff around the house. The wide range of guests and their passions allow listeners to hear how many experiences are universal while remaining unique. We cover topics like spirituality, success, love, believing in your mission, knowing what matters to you, and taking things to the next level.

Coaching is Erin’s second career. Prior to becoming an Executive Coach, Erin was an attorney who worked both with individuals and multi-national Fortune 500 corporations. Her individual coaching clients are executives and leaders with impacts in many sectors – Legal, Healthcare, Consulting, Education, and Entertainment. Erin also works with organizations and law firms to create and execute custom coaching and leadership development packages. In addition to her private practice, Erin hosts a podcast called This Is Not Advice trains coaching and leadership development with Accomplishment Coaching. Erin is active in DEIB and curriculum development, working to create a more inclusive training experience. Erin regularly speaks and gives workshops on Breaking Up Binary Thinking, Communicating Your Greatness, and Boundaries for Brilliance.

Erin Conlon

Executive Life Coach

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