The Trailblazers of Coaching


You might know what a Trailblazer is… But what’s a Trailblazer of Coaching? A group of what we might call the founders of coaching profession. Coaching as a professional industry is relatively new. While aspects of the modality can be traced to other fields through history, modern professional coaching is often attributed to Thomas Leonard who developed it into a profession in the 1980’s. Leonard realized people wanted more than advice or strategies for success, and this is where coaching was born. In the early 90’s Leonard established Coach University as the first formal coach training program. The Trailblazers of Coaching marks the legacy of this new industry shining a spotlight on those that trained with Leonard and the generation of leaders that followed in his footsteps. Coaching has become the 2nd fastest growing industry world wide and The Trailblazers aims to provide some history, advice, guidance, training, and some humor for all the future Trailblazers of Coaching.

Christopher McAuliffe

Master Certified Coach

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