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The Elevate Podcast

with Hayden Humphrey

The power of leading from love with Andy Swindler (Episode 17)

May 6, 2020

In this episode I talk with Andy Swindler.

Andy is a widely certified Coach, Consultant, and Leader From Love. His Chicago-based practice, Lead From Love, empowers conscious leaders and inclusive organizations to shift the dominant narrative from fear to love through an embodied expression of purpose and values. He is heavily involved here in the local community with groups like The Gathering For Change Agents and Conscious Capitalism.

He began his entrepreneurial journey at age 24, which led to his creating a boutique digital marketing & software development company that he exited in 2016. Andy's journey of studying human interaction and shepherding human flourishing now culminates in FeelReal, which he has incubated and evolved since 2007.

Andy believes that everyone is capable of deep love and conscious connection and he envisions a world that embraces healthy tensions to nurture dignity and agency for every person.

In this episode Andy and I dive deep into the importance of leading from a place of love, confronting our privilege and bias as straight white men, and why belonging is the most base desire we have.

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