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The Elevate Podcast

with Hayden Humphrey

Episode 003 The Elevate Podcast

January 30, 2020

Before we jump in. I just want to say thanks so much for being here. It truly means a lot that you’ve decided to spend your time with us, and I’m really excited to share this episode with you.

Hello everybody and welcome to episode number three of the Elevate Podcast. The podcast that’s out to document and elevate the human experience through conscious conversation.

I’m your host Hayden Humphrey, and I’m incredibly excited to be sharing with you my conversation with my good friend Daleele Alison.

Daleele is the founder and CEO of Rooks Digital Marketing, a firm that focuses on working with clients to deliver ecommerce and technology solutions that help their business grow.

Daleele has worked as a consultant, business analyst, and project manager for various companies that range in size from fortunate 500 to SMBs.

I view Daleele as one of the most connected people in Chicago. He and I I met almost two years ago at a networking event, we hit it off, and have stayed connected ever since. 

In this episode, Daleele and I talk about Daleele’s transition from full-time employment to starting his own company, honing your intuition, and how to figure out what you actually like doing!

You can find Daleele here:

instagram @daleele

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See you next time.


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