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The Queer Kid Creative & Happily Ever After with Lindsay Amer and Dr. Frankie Bashan

April 2, 2020

Guest 1: Lindsay Amer


Talking to kids about gender and sexuality can seem daunting, but it is incredibly important! Lindz will talk about why it’s important and how to get past some of the roadblocks in the way of having these conversations. They’ll go over a little gender and sexualities 101 and talk about some tools to help kids understand gender and sexuality too like bringing diverse picture books into your home library, talking about pronouns and diverse family structures, and using Lindz’s web series, Queer Kid Stuff!

Show Notes

-Explaining gender and sexuality when you are straight and cisgender (we can also do a little vocab if we need to!)

-Talking to kids about pronouns as a way into gender

-Why this is important

-Why it isn’t inappropriate and doesn’t have to be about sex

-My web series as a tool for these discussions

Links Mentioned:

Lindsay’s Web series – Queer Kid Stuff

Lindsay’s Podcast – Activist, You! Where I talk to kid activists about social justice topics.

Lindsay’s TED Talk and availability for speaking and performance engagements

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Guest 2:  Dr. Frankie Bashan

Show Notes

-How did Little Gay Book get started

-Dr. Frankie Bashan a renowned relationship coach and dating expert

-Is there a higher success rate with Matchmaking services and why?

-Do you find our traumas get in our way of our relationships

-What can we all stop doing in long and short term relationships

-Little Black Book Matchmaking specializing in personalized matchmaking for heterosexual singles.

-Trauma from the Pandemic and our future

Links Mentioned: NEW specializing in personalized matchmaking for heterosexual singles

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