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Talking Presidential Race and Thoughtfully Fit with Darcy Luoma

November 5, 2020

Episode Summary

Darcy began her own coaching and consulting firm in 2013 and built it into a half a million dollar a year company in a short amount of time in a challenging industry. Before launching her firm, she worked for a leadership consulting firm and ran U.S. Senator Kohl’s office for 12 years (Kohl was president of Kohl’s department stores and owner of the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team), where she was entrusted to handle sensitive, urgent matters and contentious situations. She met with savvy lobbyists and concerned citizen groups, organized political events and rallies with tens of thousands of people, and managed protestors who staged die-ins and hijacked her office for days at a time to protest the war, requiring her to sleep there with federal protective services by her side.

Darcy is a lifelong learner. Okay, a self-help junkie. She is continually studying the best ways to develop strong leaders, create high-performing teams, and transform organizational culture. As such, she regularly has ten books on her nightstand, attends professional conferences and webinars more often than she goes to the movies, and has more degrees and certifications than shoes. Her Thoughtfully Fit model weaves together all of her research on the hurdles that get in the way of being high-performing to help leaders be intentional in all their interactions for greatest impact.

She was featured on the cover of BRAVA Magazine where she shared the story of how her life blew up in the most extreme way when her husband of ten years, and full-time stay at home dad, was unexpectedly arrested for sexual assault of a minor he met online. He was sentenced to ten years in federal prison. Darcy became ground zero to test drive her new leadership model, Thoughtfully Fit, that was finalized five days before his arrest. It became her lifeline to handle the daily stressors of navigating the legal system, filing for divorce, parenting two daughters on her own, keeping her company alive, and learning to use the washing machine. 

Along with her favorite job being a mom of two energetic teenage daughters, she enjoys adventure travel, yin yoga, kickboxing, spicy chai lattes, and afternoon naps. She is an avid triathlete and Ironman. While she has a double major in German and Mathematics, the only time she uses these skills is when trying to double a recipe for German Black Forest Cake.

Guests: Darcy Luoma

Show Notes

  • How do you mend a nation divided?
  • Safe Space, Boundaries and News Scrolling
  • Thoughtfully Fit at the core
  • What is the core and how do you use it?
  • Using a Thoughtfully Fit core at home.
  • What tips can we use in this pandemic?

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