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Episode 1029: Action Based Change: Overcoming Resistance

November 21, 2019

Episode Summary

In this podcastmy goal is give coaches a novel way to help people overcome their resistance to change, and the coaches will learn several practical tools to make change happen - fast. You’ll…:

• Understand the human dynamics (thoughts & feelings) during the 5 stages of the J-Curve of Change

• Recognize the limitations of persuasion and education as influence tools

• Create GLIDE path action plans to motivate people to achieve change goals

• Learn to communicate in Ground Level language to make it easy for people to change

• Front-load Incentives to keep people motivated despite setbacks and self-doubts

• Create Direct and easy paths by circumvent obstacles and temptations to keep the old patterns of behavior

• Empathize with peoples’ doubts & fears to adopt to new behavior patterns

Participants will leave the session motivated to immediately put their new skills to work in both their personal and business lives.

Guest 1: Jerry Jellison

Show Notes

-Jerry talks about how me found his resistance method

-What is people's mid-step with resistance?

-Jerry talks about focusing on actions and not changing one's mind

-Let's talk family interactions at Thanksgivving

-Free-miums at the base of sales

-How to talk at ground level.

-Front load benefits and impactful praise

-Alex talks ups and downs of having a coaching practice

-Motivation all predicated on action

Links Mentioned:

Managing the Dynamics of Change Book

(1) The J-Curve gives manger’s a simple, optimistic, and common sense

way to discuss the process of change with front line employees.

(2) Use Ground Level words to make it easy for people to start changing

- thereby reducing resistance & making the change seem more do-able

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