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I Don’t See Color with Imani Romney-Rosa Chapman

June 25, 2020

Episode Summary

We will explore the impact of how unacknowledged social identities impact our ability to coach the individual in the systemic context in which they are living, working and creating. While we engage with others from our nuanced, differentiated, unique identities, others tend to engage with us (at least initially) in response to experiences, generalizations and stereotypes from our group identities. In order to enter into a trusting coach-client relationship that fosters self-leadership, it’s important to name what’s present right out of the gate. Being able to help a client locate their experiences in the broader cultural context will accelerate their ability to reach their goals.


Imani Chapman

Show Notes

The role of curiosity in conscious relationship building.

The differences between, race, racialize, racial and racist.

Crenshaw’s Intersectionality and the Goodman’s Tapestry Model

The history of Romney Associates

Links Mentioned:

 UnCommon Bonds: Women Reflect on Race and Friendship 

Romney Associates, Inc., and Then Let’s Make a Fuss.

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