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Episode 1036: Go Beyond Barriers

February 20, 2020

Episode Title

Go Beyond Barriers and Accelerate Career Success

Episode Summary

Whether you are just getting started or hungry to get ahead, simply working hard is no longer enough to advance your career. You must have clarity, develop unstoppable confidence, adapt quickly to change, master success habits, and build a powerful professional network.

Discover why traditional career strategies are outdated, what skills are growing in demand, and how to stand up and stand out in the workplace. Nikki and Monica share their perspectives on opportunities and challenges in the age of artificial intelligence, autonomy and authenticity. 

Learn how you can develop the skillset, mindset and toolset to get future-ready fast and accelerate your success.

Guests: Nikki Barua & Monica Marquez

Show Notes

  • Clarice talks about her business
  • ‘Beyond Barriers’ a quick intro
  • Lets talk nicknames
  • Speed up the 200 year gender gap we have in front of us.
  • How can you be a male ally?
  • Where do people miss gender prejudice?
  • Take the ‘Beyond Barriers’ quiz
  • Beginning the Beyond Barriers Podcast
  • What are the biggest barriers in their business
  • Favorite or most used resources
  • Do people still find mentors

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