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Episode 1016: How Coaching Enables Organizational Transformation and Growth

July 10, 2019

Coaching is experiencing exponential growth as an industry and profession. It yields
significant results for major organizations all around the world. Yet, there is still a lack
of understanding on how organizations can maximize coaching to its fullest capability. In this podcast, I will share the different ways organizations can leverage coaching and
how it can positively impact their business outcomes and change efforts.

Guest: Amrita Garg
Show Notes:
● In your experience, what are some of the ways in which coaching enables organizational
growth and transformation?
● What are some of the ways in which organizations can leverage coaching?
● What are the watch-outs for organizations while leveraging coaching?
● How can the impact of coaching be measured?
● Talk of the USWNT win and how the media loves to twist stories
● Touch briefly on coaching ethics of past and present
● Christopher’s latest travel endeavours
● Advice for young coaches getting into professional environments
● R.O.I. vs R.O.Experience
● Setting useful measures to help your client see growth
● The ICF Toronto and why it’s a chapter of excellence
● Coaching in India vs North America
● Criteria of pairing a coach with an organization
● Where is competition coming form or should the industry look to collaborate with other
industries more?
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