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Episode 983: Bethany Andell – “Get Your Head Out of Your Bottom Line…”

August 22, 2018

Guest: Bethany Andell

As President of Savage Brands, Bethany Andell believes in unleashing the inherent good in all companies. Andell keeps Savage Brands focused on its core purpose and fosters the team’s culture and values. She is passionate about connecting other company leaders to their purpose, ensuring that their companies are culturally aligned and that their brands have meaning.

In a business that experiences the pressures of commoditization, differentiation and reinvention to stay ahead, she understands the challenges and opportunities leaders face each day. Andell is a true believer that purpose drives performance and performance drives profit – in that order. Based on that philosophy she takes an “inside out” approach to help companies uncover their purpose and align it with their operations, culture and brand to achieve enduring success and lasting relationships.

Andell doesn’t just talk the talk – she walks the walk. Like many of her clients, she watched her company’s industry becoming increasingly commoditized. Andell saw this as an opportunity to change the belief structure at the heart of Savage Brands, and as a second-generation leader, she led her 45-year-old company through the challenging, rewarding, ongoing process of discovering and aligning with purpose. She is dedicated to successfully leading executives through the same journey.

In her book, “Get Your Head Out of Your Bottom Line: And Build Your Brand on Purpose” (Oh Deer! Publishing, 2016), Andell, along with co-author Jackie Dryden, Chief Purpose Architect at Savage Brands, help executives at business-to-business companies shift their focus from solely improving the bottom line to instead prioritize the company’s long-term health, culture and non-monetary impact on the world.

She is an alumna of The University of Arizona and received her MBA from Rice University. Andell serves as Past-President of the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI)-Houston, on the Houston Advisory Board of Iberia Bank, on the Alumni Board of Rice’s Jones Graduate School of Business, on the Advisory Board of Houston Exponential and as Board Secretary of AVDA – Aid To Victims of Domestic Abuse. Andell is also an active Vistage member.



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