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Episode 1004: Ram S Ramanathan – Moving from Sensory Mindfulness to Energetic Mindlessness to Create a New YOU!

February 8, 2019

Guest: Ram S Ramanathan, ICF MCC, EMCC Master Practitioner, CCE BCC.

Ram S Ramanathan, an accredited master coach and trainer with ICF, EMCC and BCC credentials, co-founded Coacharya in 2013. Coacharya is now global,  with over 600 credentialed coaches, of whom 28 are MCC coaches. Ram is a coach with decades of CEO & serial entrepreneur experience. He is deeply interested in spirituality, especially the congruence of Eastern wisdom with Western sciences, which he uses to coach corporate leaders in their transformational leadership journey of ‘Mindless Barefoot Leadership’. Ram and his wife are Singapore citizens with permanent residence in Bangalore, India with their dog, spending part year with their grandchildren in USA.

“We need mindfulness in activities where we need engagement of the senses. Mindfulness is subjective, is often ego based and energy depleting. In Mindlessness you let go sensory awareness of body and mind and experience and gain energy to become relaxed. Ego gives way to respect, love and compassion for the other without judgement. The state of mindlessness is akin to a pure energy based orgasm that is beyond the mind body sense perception!”


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