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Paid To Be Me

with Hayden Humphrey

Creating traction in your business w/ Dan Zawacki (Episode 22)

June 17, 2020

Dan is a “Certified” EOS/Traction (Entrepreneur Operating System) Implementer, of which there are only 75 in the entire world. 

He helps companies align their vision and culture, install accountability systems, and build a healthy cohesive leadership team.

Before starting his newest company, Dan’s previous business was Lobster Gram, which he started in 1987. Dan ran Lobster Gram for over 30 years, building it into a $15M company with no investors.

Dan’s main focus now is Impact. He wants to help companies grow profitable and have them get there quicker, faster and better.

In this episode we talk about Dan’s work as one of the few Certified EOS Implementors in the world, valuable lessons he’s learned through the scaling of Lobstergram, and how to find a business partner that compliments your skill set.

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