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Paid To Be Me

with Hayden Humphrey

The power of civic engagement with Caitlin Botsios (Episode 20)

May 27, 2020

In this episode I talk with Caitlin Botsios.

Caitlin Botsios is the co-founder of Helix Chicago, a local coffee shop that focuses on ending the effects of youth unemployment through a three-pronged approach of youth, community, and business development. 

Prior to founding Helix, Caitlin worked as a middle school teacher, the National Director of Alumni Communities for Teach For America, and the Manager of US Professional Development for WE. 

Caitlin loves pop culture, trying any new restaurant, and cuddling with her rescue dog Lumen.

In this episode, Caitlin and I talk about her transition from teaching to entrepreneurship, the impacts of youth unemployment, and how you can get more involved in civic engagement.

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