You know that feeling when you finally admit to yourself what it is that you really, really want and then surrender to that desire? This show is about those juicy moments, and having more of them – whether it’s having the cake or starting the business. Join your host, life and leadership coach and inspiration junkie Laura Fink as she has candid conversations with the people she loves about the things they love and what it takes to live and lead from the heart.


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I Fink I Love Corey Anker

November 28, 2018

Guest: Corey Anker

Corey Anker is a Life and Performance Coach who believes that our greatest assets are our most authentic selves. As both a coach and a father of three, he has experienced first hand the role that leadership plays in creating power and possibility in relationships and goals. Corey is immersed in the lives of his children as well as his clients – and wants to see them both show up powerfully creating lives of their choosing. As the founder of The Uncovery Project, and the co-founder of Elevate Parenting, Corey is excited to bring a conversation designed to provide the highest level of impact on your life and goals.


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