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I Love SpaO On The Go

January 31, 2018

OdaLisa (Lisa) Dominguez is the Founder & CEO of SpaO On the Go, a mobile day spa dedicated to
providing the energy needed to re-awaken the senses through the power of touch in one’s own personal space. SpaO On the Go inspires balance, peace, and beauty through bodywork and skincare.

Prior to launching her own venture, Lisa managed several spas and gained hands on experience
complimenting her numerous degrees and certifications in message therapy, esthetics, and
cosmetology. It is no surprise that not before long she became a sought out expert for skincare, beauty, and inner balance. You can catch her on Telemundo TV as the network’s leading skincare and makeup specialist and in Skin Inc. Magazine, the leading publication for everything skincare, as a trendsetter in the space.

Lisa is an industry influencer and game changer. She continues to pursue her passion of helping people live their best lives by showing them how to take care of themselves both inside and out. One of the main reasons she decided to start her own business and turn her passion into a paycheck was to set an example for aspiring entrepreneurs and women, letting them know that with hard work anything is possible. Lisa was raised by an entrepreneur herself, her mother, who instilled in her the discipline and courage needed to make her business dreams a reality. Sharing what she has learned on her journey is something she takes much pride in and is her contribution to amplifying communities of color.
Lisa resides in New Jersey, with her husband, and two children.

In this episode we talk about a few things like:

The one thing I would love to shoutout is New spa Alert coming soon!

Balancing act with recognizing who your real friends are when you are and or are becoming successful.

How being a Hispanic Woman, one has to repeat themselves 2-3 times to be heard, respected and taken serious.

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