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TTT Ep 10 – Chris Knuth

January 28, 2021

Chris Knuth was an integral part of saving my life. It was an honor to help him tell his story and I appreciate him for his courage and willingness to share in service of making a difference for others. This is a very special episode for me and I hope you enjoy it and that it makes a difference for you.

Chris learned to lean on others and take on a road to healing and feeling complete. It’s a huge act of courage to be willing to seek and accept support. Here are some nuggets from Chris himself:

I don’t have to do it alone. I don’t have to have all the solutions myself and I can rely on my staff, mentors, coaches and colleagues to help me. I started to heal the traumas of my childhood and to unload the backpack of all the weight I was carrying. I’m patient with the process. I realize it took me years to get into this mess and will likely take years to get out.


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