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Episode 61: Roar Loudly with Jenn Boumann

April 2, 2020

Episode Summary

** TRIGGER WARNING ** This episode contains adult content pertaining to Sexual Assault,

Abduction, Traumatic Brain Injuries and PTSD.

Jenn Boumann shares with us for the very first time since her traumatic event in 2014. Because

of having been abducted and sexually assaulted, she stands before us all to be witnessed as

the Warrior that she is and the call forth for other women to speak their truth, find community,

get supported and be inspired to take that next step in their healing journey.

Guests: Jenn Boumann

Show Notes

● Jenn tells us about how it all unfolded

● What she experienced before, during and after

● What the legal battle has been like

● What she is taking away from this experience

● The community that she is creating for others

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