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Episode 61: Authentically Finding Your Flow

March 2, 2020

Episode Summary

Are you tired of things being so hard?

Does you life or business/career exhaust you, or feel like it’s lost it’s joy?

Then you need to Find Your Flow!

Flow is that magical state where you accomplish amazing feats with joy & ease. 

Where shit gets DONE and you don’t have to beat yourself up or be anyone else to do it. Where your genius zone shines and people benefit from your unique skills & gifts.

There will always be challenges and opportunities for learning and growth, this isn’t about quick fixes or finding some ultimate state of being. It’s about discovering what flow looks and feels like to you, and learning how to invite more opportunities for flow into your world.

Guests: Starr Sheppard-Decker

Show Notes (10+ bullet points)

  • Journey to Now
  • Challenge Your Beliefs
  • Find a place where they speak the language to teach me what I already know but didn’t have words for
  • Our Contribution Matters- Hard wired for community and programmed in this individualistic society
  • Find a way to be a part of something that is bigger than ourselves
  • Turning It All Around: Mental Overhaul
  • What is this? “ Wounded Masculine” paradigm
  • Force vs Flow
  • What does it mean to find your flow?
  • Getting Into Business
  • The dangers of toxic positivity and the “love & light” only approach.
  • Spiritual Bipassing
  • How to get involved


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