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Episode 55: How To Be Unapologetically Me!

December 9, 2019

Episode Summary (5-6 sentences max)

Women suffering silently, most women aren’t aware that there is a problem. Sure they are stressed, sure they desire balance. However, most are under the assumption that this is just the way life is. So they shouldn’t complain.

Guests: Veronica Cisneros

Show Notes

  • The byproduct of being a child of a dysfunctional families
  • Do you find yourself being everything for everyone else in search of someone to give me permission?
  • The power of “No”
  • Take leaps in service 
  • Suffering Silently
  • How do you give yourself permission to be you
  • What to do when we are driven by our emotions
  • How do we create change?
  • Faultless Femme Intuition

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