Clarice Connolly is a Women’s Empowerment Coach working with individuals in self-guided realization, to feel through and normalize their experiences in life. Deep conversations to provide food for thought in hopes of supporting growth and healing one’s soul. There is something really sweet that happens when you realize you are not alone. When struggling with feelings of guilt, overwhelm, and worth; most of us don't know what to do about them let alone listen to what they're trying to show us. Take an hour for yourself and un-limit your beliefs. Be held by each podcast and see for yourself the possibilities that are available. EmpoweringWomen.Coach

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Episode 26: Full Disclosure – Life After My Herpes Diagnosis

February 8, 2018

Hands down the most vulnerable thing I have ever done in my life… This episode I really pour my heart out in service of connection, normalization, and standing to break up the stigma that has us hiding our deepest darkest secrets.For years I believed I was less than, undeserving of “normal”, trying understand why God did this to me or what I did to deserve Herpes. After three years of coaching, a therapist, numerous support groups, and peeling back all of the other layers of SHIT I was carrying… I felt ready… Ready to share with YOU and inspire you to join me and reclaim the piece of yourself you’ve disowned!

Hear how I own my power and let go that I am my story or that I am my diagnosis. You are not alone! I disclose publicly for the first time and own the darkest piece of me in service of you! To show that while it is terrifying, there is so much liberation and beauty that comes from the courage!

IF you hear yourself in my podcast, feel that you could benefit from the support, want someone to talk to, referrals to places, groups, or just want to acknowledge me? Please feel free to reach out to me!


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