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Episode 25: Recreate Your Relationship to New Year Resolutions to a New Year INTENTIONS

January 5, 2018

In this episode, Summer and I, want to challenge one of those really great opportunities for support, we either empower or don’t feel good about taking part in. Let’s face it, New Year Resolutions either get us excited to lose weight or cringe at how none of ours in the past have never really panned out. We visit how we might subconsciously relate to resolutions like something we have to “fix” or another one of our “problems” needing attention and an over all year long daunting task to commit to.

How can you use this nation wide support system to actually empower you in setting an INTENTION for the year that gets to go different than they’ve gone in the past!

It doesn’t matter whether you are listening to this in the month of January, March, or JUNE. It is really about making space to sit down and look at the bigger picture. What can you focus on this year that can pull you forward when times get tough or your sense of direction is challenged.

Listen in as we give you places to look, a new relationship to create, a game, a broad brush stroke and maybe even something you could feel better about! What does INTENTION mean to YOU?


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