Clarice Connolly is a Women’s Empowerment Coach working with individuals in self-guided realization, to feel through and normalize their experiences in life. Deep conversations to provide food for thought in hopes of supporting growth and healing one’s soul. There is something really sweet that happens when you realize you are not alone. When struggling with feelings of guilt, overwhelm, and worth; most of us don't know what to do about them let alone listen to what they're trying to show us. Take an hour for yourself and un-limit your beliefs. Be held by each podcast and see for yourself the possibilities that are available. EmpoweringWomen.Coach

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Episode 12: Container Work

June 26, 2017

What is a Container? In this episode Willa Conway, a Light Worker who supports Artists and Social Justice Leaders, joins me as we go over how a container isn’t just plastic you put your leftovers in.

Creating and setting a container is a way to set yourself up for success. There are such things as physical, energetic, and emotional containers that you may not even be aware of. What would life look like if you could be responsible for what entered your space and had a shield against what regularly effects you? Learn what it looks like, how to build one, and what it feels like when you don’t.


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