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Episode 11: Are You A Victim To Your Circumstances?

May 16, 2017

VICTIM! …Me?? I am NOT and will NOT be a victim.. I know.. Me too!

Listen in as we share a few of the sneaky ways you did not consider how you could be showing up as a victim. Being a victim to a circumstance is something you might not even be aware of that is happening underneath it all. The ways in which you haven’t actually stopped to think about what it means to be a victim and much much more! This episode is really about getting you back into the Creator Mindset and taking responsibility for what you have power over in your life!

Sage and I talk about how we show up as victims and what ways those are really present in our life. We talk about what it is costing us to continue down this path and even leave you with some ideas as to what kind of tiny change that you can take to get you one step closer to freedom. Inner freedom from the resentment, hopelessness, and paralysis that the Victim Mindset brings about. A little food for thought to guide you along your day and give you that little extra to think about when all seems to be going “wrong”.


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