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Episode 9:Normalizing Shame

April 13, 2017

Ever wonder what those body sensations were pointing to? You know, the ones that have you flush and warm all over. The thing that happens that shuts you down in side or continues to occur more often that not. Like you can explain and understand guilt, embarrassment and doubt but that just doesn’t full describe what’s happening.. It’s shame. On this episode we really direct what shame is or is not and how it shows up.

Cohost Ruby June expands on how sobriety and shame really show up hand and hand. While I explain and even in real time become triggered talking around my shame with eating and weight gain.

Tune in to this episode to really shift how you view and experience shame. We have ways you can hear how it shows up for you and normalize your experience. Also, ways in which you can work with the shame that arises now that you have a little more facility identifying it.

My hope is to really have you walking away with elevation on this matter. The type of girl talk conversation you might not be having, that could really leave you curious about how it shows up and what it’s all about. I promise you that the pain is there to show you that theres something beautiful on the other side and its YOU!

Creating awareness and noticing patterns is what really awakens you to the possibility of change.. Who doesn’t want that???


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