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Thanks for being a guest on the Tragedy to Triumph podcast. Your story could be instrumental to making a difference for another person. Many blue collar workers avoid telling anybody about the pain they are suffering from for fear of being mocked or labeled as a mental case. For this reason many people are hurting and we believe, in general, it’s because there’s a ruthless macho culture in the blue collar industries. In this podcast blue collar business leaders tell their stories of courage and victory over crushing defeats. In many cases that means leaders had to allow themselves to be vulnerable and ask for help. We believe sharing these stories will allow for more blue collar workers to speak up and ask for help, and ultimately, will save lives. I may or may not ask you every one of these questions during the interview. These are prompts to give me some details about your story ahead of time, and to give you an idea of what we’ll be talking about. Just answer briefly to give me some bullet points.

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