A DreamMason is a person who is intentional, committed and realizes it is going to take a plan and the choice to build their dreams so they can live the life they want. This Podcast is about learning, experiencing and exploring the journey of leaders, creators and innovators who are not afraid to unleash their inner DreamMason! Welcome to The DreamMason Podcast. I am Alex Terranova And You are a DreamMason...Because Your Dreams Don’t Build Themselves.

The DreamMason Podcast

Because Your Dreams
Don’t Build Themselves

Your Monday Microdose – Recovery

April 19, 2021

These are short and impactful episodes that are prescribed to induce inspiration, insight, and some power to take into your week. These micro podcast episodes drop every Monday morning! 

Today’s episode: Is working more and harder for more and more money the key to being fulfilled and successful?


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