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Music that Heals with David Kennet

June 24, 2019

EP79 - “Music that Heals” “You have no right to hold (yourself and your gifts) back.” David Kennet   David Kennet is a vocal sound healer as well as a holistic nutritionist & allergist.  He has performed around the United States as well as in concert halls across Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and China.  His lectures on sound therapy have been featured at major universities, and if that wasn’t enough, Pink has been quoted saying, “David is amazing.”   On this episode, David shares his journey, his business, and his music with us.   I asked David to bring some musical instruments and he shows up with sound bowls, bells, and a few wind instruments and then performs live!  David’s extraordinarily talented and he combines all those instruments and the natural sounds of his voice to create healing and calming music in the studio.  While his music would have been enough, he also shares his journey, getting vulnerable about the challenges and the obstacles he’s overcome in his life to achieve success.    On this episode of The DreamMason Podcast we discuss: -Music the sound of the soul -The science of healing through music and vibration -Perception of our bodies -Allergies and sound -David’s entrepreneurial journey -Reprogramming the subconscious   Thanks for listening. Please SHARE THIS EPISODE, TAG A FRIEND who needs to hear it, and SUBSCRIBE to The Dream Mason Podcast - so you don’t miss an episode! You can connect with    David Kennet here: Web: www.soul-sounding.com Instagram: @davidkennet     You can connect with Alex Terranova here:  Instagram:@InspirationalAlex  Website: www.TheDreamMason.com  Email: Alex@TheDreamMason.com  YouTube: TheDreamMason Podcast.    Remember, You are a DreamMason®…  Because Your Dreams Don’t Build Themselves.   Alex Terranova is a DreamMason, a Performance & Mindfulness Coach, and the Host of The DreamMason Podcast. He helps strong and successful men boldly declare what they want, get real about what’s in the way, and create the strategy and the steps for more clarity, freedom, and success in their life. Together, we get things done faster, raise the bar on your goals, improve your relationships, and get crystal clear on what you really want. Alex has been featured on Focus TV’s Good Morning La La Land, NBC Radio, The Rising Man Podcast, Elephant Journal, The Sovereign Society Podcast, The Coaching Show, Love Living Radio and an episode of The Villain Crusher.


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