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Because Your Dreams
Don’t Build Themselves

Making Life Beautiful with Amber Farr

June 4, 2018

EP33 -  Making Life Beautiful - with Amber Farr Thanks for listening to another episode of The DreamMason® Podcast! Amber Farr is the Founder and Owner of Flynn Skye, a popular Venice Beach based women’s Clothing brand “that’s a little sexy, a little edgy, and a lot of beach meets the city”.  Amber is also a single Mother, an Entrepreneur and a badass positive minded powerful woman who went from creating success to total loss, and used that as the motivation to create her dreams.  She is extremely authentic and vulnerable and shares her inner dialogue, her struggle with her perfectionism, not feeling good enough, as well as the trials and tribulations of raising kids on her own.   Amber and I discuss her current business, past failures, morning routine, feeling lonely, the vail and challenges of social media on our psyche, choosing and creating happiness and manifesting her life.    One of the biggest takeaways I got from Amber is how much of her success is built on her resilience, creativity, humility and caring about other people.   Thanks for listening. Please SHARE THIS EPISODE, TAG A FRIEND who needs to hear it, and SUBSCRIBE to The DreamMason® Podcast - so you don’t miss an episode!   You can connect with Amber Skye here: Instagram:  @FlynnSkye Website:  www.flynnskye.com   You can connect with Alex Terranova here: Instagram: @InspirationalAlex Website: TheDreamMason.com Email: alex@TheDreamMason.com   Remember, You are a DreamMason®️… Because Your Dreams Don’t Build Themselves


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