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Smile, Create & Love Life with Danielle Cuccio

May 17, 2018

EP29 -  Smile, Create & Love Life with Danielle Cuccio Thanks for listening to another episode of The DreamMason® Podcast, the first official Video Episode of The DreamMason® Podcast and the first DreamMason® Podcast GIVEAWAY!   Danielle Cuccio is the Founder and CEO of Cuccio Somatology, a yoga brand and product line.  Danielle is also a Celebrity Yoga Instructor, as well as the Author and Creator of TheBeautyBlender.com .  She has been featured alongside the likes of Lewis Howes, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Simon Sinek as “10 Entrepreneurs You Must Follow on Instagram”, was named “A Top Millennial Entrepreneur” by Made Magazine and has appeared in Shape & MindBodyGreen. Danielle is spirit, brilliance, heart, joy, persistence and radiance.  Her love of life is reflected in her business, her home, her family and you feel it immediately in her presence.  It was such a pleasure to talk to Danielle about how she went from being an esthetician, who wasn’t inspired by her career choice, to amercing herself in yoga and getting inspired by the yoga lifestyle.  Through her experience in yoga and getting connected to her clients, she was inspired to create her own brand, and a line of products that reflected calmness, joy and the yogi mindset.  Danielle has huge goals and on the podcast we discuss how she stays positive, celebrates small wins, keeps moving forward to over come new challenges and how she creates balance between self-care, marriage and entrepreneurship.      GIVEAWAY DETAILS! 🔥Excited to announce my first GIVEAWAY!🔥 With the release of the podcast Cuccio Somatology will be giving-away a free gift basket of products!  • Here’s HOW to enter: 1️⃣ Listen to the audio podcast or watch the video podcast on YouTube.  2️⃣ Answer the following questions: 🔥Who is the person Danielle would most like to do yoga with? & 🔥Who most inspires Danielle? 3️⃣ Follow Both @DanielleCuccio & @InspirationalAlex on Instagram. 4️⃣ Tag 3 friends on Instagram who this podcast will resonate with. 5️⃣ Write your answers into the comments section on Instagram. • All correct answers will be entered to win a Cuccio Somatology Gift Basket. Winner 🏆 will be announced Wednesday June 30th. Share content that matters, that impacts people that is positive and uplifting! 🙏🏻❤️   Thanks for listening. Please SHARE THIS EPISODE, TAG A FRIEND who needs to hear it, and SUBSCRIBE to The DreamMason® Podcast - so you don’t miss an episode!   You can connect with Danielle Cuccio here: Instagram:  @DanielleCuccio Website:  www.cucciosomatology.com or www.thebeautyblender.com   You can connect with Alex Terranova here: Instagram: @InspirationalAlex Website: TheDreamMason.com Email: alex@TheDreamMason.com


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