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Men Talking About: Vulnerability as Access to Power with Bob Conlin

May 14, 2018

EP28 - Men Talking About:  Vulnerability as Access to Power with Bob Conlin Welcome to The Bricks, a short one topic episode of The DreamMason Podcast intended to spark inspiration and support you in moving one step closer to your Dreams. The last episode of Men Talking About: Love & Intimacy received such powerful responses from listeners, Bob and I decided to make a sequel!  So again I am joined by my friend and colleague Bob Conlin, a powerful loving and heart-centered man, husband and relationship coach. On this episode, Bob and I dive into masculinity, the illusions of what it means to be a man and how we relate to vulnerability and how vulnerability is access to power.  We touch on the notion that we, as men, were rarely taught to be vulnerable and often avoid or deny it at the expense of ourselves and our relationships.  We share our personal stories, discuss leaders who set powerful examples of what it means to be vulnerable and the challenges we as men face when it comes to being vulnerable, connecting with ourselves, others and the journey of looking inward and getting into our hearts. Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed this episode please share it, tag a friend who needs to hear it, and subscribe to TheDreamMason Podcast so you don’t miss an episode.   You can connect with Bob Conlin here: Website:  www.conlincoaching.com Email:  robert@conlincoaching.com   You can connect with Alex Terranova here: Instagram: @InspirationalAlex Website: www.TheDreamMason.com Email: alex@TheDreamMason.com   Remember, You are a DreamMason… Because Your Dreams Don’t Build Themselves


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