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Be Humble, Be Present and Be Kind with Spencer Hill

January 23, 2018

Ep2 - Be Humble, Be Present and Be Kind with Spencer Hill Spencer Hill, is a working Actor, Founder and Designer of Herald.hill, a boutique Venice Beach based fashion line, and a devoted and passionate father and husband Spencer has appeared in True Blood, CSI, was the Lead in The Web Series “The Skinny”, which went to Sundance, has appeared in over 50 commercials and is currently the face of Aveda’s Men’s line. His clothing line Herald.hill launched 2013. Spencer and I dive into what it’s like to pursue the dream careers of acting and fashion while also expanding the very personal dream of building a family. Spencer shares the ebs and flows that life has brought him and how he keeps striving for what he wants while not being attached to the results. He prides himself on being kind, being in the moment and surrounding himself with wonderful people. You can keep up with Spencer Hill:Instagram: @Spencehill or @HeraldhillWebsite: www.heraldhill.com Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed this episode please share it with your friends, tag a friend who needs to hear it, and subscribe to TheDreamMason Podcast so you don’t miss an episode. You can connect with Alex Terranova:Instagram: @InspirationalAlexFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/thedreammason/Website: TheDreamMason.comEmail: Alex@TheDreamMason.com Remember, You are a DreamMason…Because Your Dreams Don’t Build Themselves


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