Break Up With Your Bullsh*t is a long form conversational podcast where I bring on brilliant creative minds who have achieved incredible things in the world, and talk with them about how they got past their own bullshit excuses and reached their success. As a professional certified coach working with creatives 1:1 since 2012, I have become shall we say obsessed with the creative process and how to optimize our ability to produce great art. Subscribe and join me as I bring on a veritable parade of all the humans I have encountered who seem to have that special something that makes them able to continually push past their reasons why not, and focus on their bigger purpose.

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Episode 4 – Bernard Velasquez

December 8, 2020

Bernard Velasquez is an extraterrestrial. In this episode, we have our first real chat after being internet friends since the start of quarantine, and it gets DEEP. It’s sort of like you are all listening in on our friend friend date, so we are sort of interviewing each other, but we end up sharing some amazing experiences with one another, and there is some divine intervention at work. Bernard’s book “Soaring Bird” is available on Blurb. @authenticberns on tiktok, instagram, and twitter.


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