Christina Frei is a marketing consultant in the Boston area.  She helps small business owners in service-based professions become compelling experts.  Her tagline is “get great clients by being you.”  She works with entrepreneurs who want a focused marketing lifestyle and who are not afraid to show up boldly in their wider community, all while getting clients.  She recently published a book, The Generosity Practice: 40 Days to Unstoppable, and her signature offering is The Compelling Expert program. In between, she cold dips in the Atlantic Ocean all year round, works on local sustainability efforts, and obsesses over the perfect cup of green tea, all with her Norwich Terrier Sammy close by.

In order to get great clients, it’s important to show up as a compelling expert, a consistent leader that cares about your wider business community. This requires a rich, nuanced marketing strategy that shows what you know and how much you understand people.  It demonstrates how you change our lives for the better. This sounds like a big ask and a full-time job, but it simply requires thinking about this holistically.  Each of us has a marketing archetype, a way we naturally enjoy helping other humans. When you start your marketing plan with that “deep why”, everything else flows organically and authentically from there. That includes your brand story and your strategy decisions. 

-Christopher and Alex jump right in with Christina and talk about Niche or No Niche and how quickly you need to select one

-Who’s the audience you are speaking to when it comes to Niche

-What do you call yourself, a life, business, performance, creative coach or something else

-Being a compelling expert

-Testimonials, how to get them and how to use them

-Marketing strategy and your marketing archetype

-Christina works with Alex and Christopher on their marketing archetypes 

-We learn about having a contribution mindset

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