EP37 – Writing Your Own Journey with Ryan Parrott
Ryan Parrott is a prolific Writer.  He has written TV Shows like Chance and Revolution, award-winning short films that have shown at Cannes.  His pilot “Second Self” was just optioned by Sony and OverBrook Entertainment.  He has also written New York Times’ Best-Seller, Batman: Gates of Gotham Comic Book Series, IDW’s StarTrek Comic Book Series, Boom’s Go Go Power Rangers Comic Book Series and in August his Owner-Created Comic Book Volition, with AfterShock Comics, will be released.  
And yes, Ryan is a writer but more than that he is persistence, passion, drive, heart and creative genius.  I’ve known Ryan for roughly 15 years.  In our early 20’s we were introduced and soon become good friends and roommates. 
Ryan’s road to success wasn’t easy, simple or given to him.  Ryan has written and practiced his craft tirelessly.  His journey to writer didn’t go as planned.  He went from intern to Man-ny, to J.J. Abrams assistant at Bad Robot, finally breaking into the writer’s room as a writer’s assistant.  He then moved on to T.V. shows, movies and writing a handful of comic books. Ryan’s story is truly an example of relentlessly following your passion, and that thing you love, even when it seems impossible and embracing the journey so you eventually reach your goal.   
Ryan and I discuss:
-The journey and how it doesn’t ever look how we expect, how it’s often impractical and doesn’t make sense.  Yet if you keep going you can get there.  
-Goals are the plans of dreams and if you keep going forward you will figure out the “how” along the way. 
-What makes us stop in pursuit of our goals, how we all have things that stop us from moving forward.  
-“The Hunger” that thing that pushes you forward toward your greatness and your goals.  
-The myths we craft as a society around artists and the creative work they produce.  
-How building a ladder of success by surrounding yourself with others that are pursuing their journey and their goals will actually support you in achieving yours.
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