Donna Zajonc, MCC is Director of Coaching and the Center for The Empowerment Dynamic. She applies the TED* work in her coaching, facilitating, and keynote speaking, supporting clients to create empowering relationships

and organizations. Deeply curious about the inner workings of the human mind, Donna enthusiastically embraced professional coaching 20 years ago. Her new book, Who Do You Want To Be on the Way to What You Want: Coaching with The

Empowerment Dynamic was published in March 2022. You may learn more about her new coaching course that will launch in May 2022. Donna has collaborated with her business partner, David Emerald for 15 years to bring The Empowerment Dynamic to the global community,

working together to create unique trainings and programs that have changed the lives of thousands. Each week Donna and David co-author TED* Works! ® —their free Friday blog—sharing tips on how to shift from drama to empowerment.

Deepen Your CREATIVITY and Strengthen Your INFLUENCE as a leader and coach. How do I, and my clients, learn from our reactive habits instead of pushing them away? Why do the same habits keep reappearing in the first place? How can my drama patterns show me the way to

being the person I want to be? If you’re familiar with David Emerald’s teaching story, The Power of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic), you will recognize the main character in this book: Sophia, the coach who walks with Ted and David. In this new story, we look in on Sophia many

years later, after she has become an experienced professional coach. You will hear Sophia’s internal dialogue, her doubts, and worries, as she learns to quiet her mind in service of coaching a headstrong client. The coaching dialogue here reveals tools and methods intended to

help you coach and empower yourself as well as others.


-More gun violence and tragedy in the US, processing the feelings, emotions, and thoughts around it

-What we’ve become numb to through tv and media

-Coaching and politics

-Heart wisdom and sensing things at the moment

-The drama triangle

-The empowerment triangle

-Being vs Doing

-Cultivating compassion and the 3rd space

-The global breakdown we are experiencing and how do we handle and process the tension we are all experiencing

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