In this episode Cosmos Dar interviews Jason Miller. Jason is a Montana native that grew up in a small farm community. Jason grew up in a very humble life on a farm, where his parents worked very hard to support the family. Jason’s family is steeped in military service of which he carried on for 23 years until his retirement in 2016. Jason always followed the entrepreneurial experience having bought, scaled, and sold over 10 companies during his tenure in the military. Now Jason’s passion besides his current 7 companies he owns, is helping other business owners succeed in their mission as entrepreneurs and business professionals. Jason currently operates The Strategic Advisor Board, Miller & Company as well as other companies with multiple brands. He is a bestselling published author in the business world to include a 3x international bestseller and his 7 published books have been featured at Barnes and Noble, stores worldwide and are also available on Amazon. Jason has also been featured in Voyage Denver Magazine twice for being one of Colorado’s most inspiring companies. He has also been featured on FORBES, ENTREPRENEUR, ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS and many more. Jason is also the creator of the famous Strategic Advisor Board Podcast & ”War Room Round Table”; (Top 2% podcasts Worldwide) Where him and his co-host and prior podcast host of Entrepreneur and Inc. Magazines Podcast talk about business and how we leave a footprint.


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