Visa is a Beyonce type. Exceedingly talented, and in a category of his own. This almost 3 hour episode covers a ton of ground. I’ve attempted to catalogue all of the topics, but got halfway through and it started feeling unnecessary and tedious… that was when I stopped doing that! So, below please find links to follow Visa and get his book, a well as half of a list of the topics covered in this ep, along with timestamps. Oh, and then some more links!

Timestamped Topics

  • 5:00 – The process of writing a second book
  • 9:30 – Adam Quiney’s book – “Who Do You Think You Are?” Exploring the shadow sides of different qualities of Being
  • 12:00 – you’re allowed to change your mind
  • 16:00 – The human capacity to be hurtful
  • 19:00 – how self-compassion impacts others
  • 24:00 – on having a “good reply game”
  • 28:50 – on ACTUALLY being the more enlightened person
  • 39ish? – on trying to help your loved ones + shifting long-held beliefs
  • 44:45 – “what’s it like to be married to a coach?”
  • 52:30 – you can be of service to the world AND be an in-process human being
  • AND how your “brand” can stunt growth
  • 58:20 – how to ask for support, know what you want, and what to do with your unread books
  • 👆🏼Alleviating book guilt 👆🏼
  • 1:06 – on learning (and trying to quit) guitar 🎸 
  • 1:10 – on doing a “reset” in life
  • 1:13 – about my session with @laceyisfreefree this amazing witch healer woman!
  • 1:21 – on creative group projects and my girl group! 🥰
  • 1:30ish? – creating community online vs in person
  • 1:43 the internet is Visa’s mom.
  • 1:45 theater kids can’t feel shame

There is a little gift for anyone who makes it to the end, but it’ll only make sense if you’re heard the episode 🙂

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