David Roden is a 31-year-old health and fitness entrepreneur and podcaster. By the time he was 18 he weighed over 400 pounds and was pre-diabetic. And had high blood pressure. At 22, he made the decision to transform his life. Nine years later David has lost more than 200 pounds and competed in two bodybuilding competitions. He has also published a book called Drop the Baggage from suicidal obesity to a life of health and happiness. He shares his tips with us today.


{01:22} David’s journey to obesity and then to health

{07:00} The mindset that changed everything.

{10:35} When you are facing overwhelming defeatism.

{14:10} How to not give up.

{19:10} When you don’t have a support system

{26:20} Overcoming the biggest challenge.

{30:05} Advice for America

{38:35} The biggest obstacle to the American dream

David Roden Bio:

By the time he was 19, David was a 400+ lb, pre-diabetic, suicidal, teenager with dangerously high blood pressure. He drank 15-20 diet cokes and would eat a Costco-size bag of Reese’s EVERY DAY. David was depressed on the inside but pretended to be happy on the outside.

He felt stuck. Deep down, he wanted to be healthy and happy, but for some reason, he couldn’t get myself to change. David knew what he needed to do but couldn’t get himself to do it. He wanted to change, but never could. Then, one day, EVERYTHING changed. Fast forward a few short years, and now David is participating in bodybuilding shows and feels like he can HAVE, BE and DO ANYTHING HE WANTS IN THIS WORLD.

After going through his personal transformation, David found his calling is to help others who feel trapped and powerless just like he did. His mission is to show people it’s possible and provide them with a proven blueprint, which, when followed, will inevitably lead to results. Most people think having a 100+ lbs transformation is all about your body, but your mind is just as important if not more.

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