Tamara started her entrepreneurial journey at a young age, working in various industries. She sought mentorship and learned from failure, believing it’s essential for growth. Surrounding herself with positive people helps overcome fear. Tamara shares her advice for other women entrepreneurs, balancing femininity with strength in the entrepreneur world.


{03:05} The journey of Tamara Vander Lugt

{06:23} Overcoming the fear of failure.

{10:37} Trusting your instincts.

{15:20} Balancing femininity with strength

{18:20} Advice for female entrepreneurs

{21:00} America, is the land of the free and the place where dreams are made.

{24:00} Realizing the American Dream

{26:00} Overcoming debt and inflation.

Tamara Vander Luet Bio:

Tamara is an entrepreneur and philanthropist with over two decades of experience in operational districts, project management, marketing, and startup companies. Tamara specializes in the development and execution of domestic and global startups.

She has vast experience in a variety of sectors such as construction, food and beverage, alternative energy, transportation, aviation, finance, and hard assets. Currently, she’s implementing her father’s dying wish and completing the global humanitarian project he had been working on since the mid-2000s, all with the goal of helping others and being a positive light in the world, phase one starts with a global transportation company called Jag Global Transport Inc., which would move high-value hard assets for clients Globally, utilizing former combat veterans as security personnel creates the highest level of success and aims to reduce veteran suicide rates.

Phase two is the development of an avionics school centered on humanitarian aid using industry and disruptive technology, and phase three revolves around affordable housing paired with full-circle sustainable farming Methods.

Connect with Tamara:

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tamaravanderlugt