In this episode Cosmos Dar interviews Tia Cristy. Tia is an Entrepreneur, author, speaker and aPersonality and Tips Expert in Health and Beauty through Radio, Television and Print. In 2012, she launched her blog site,, which at one point had reachedover onemillion unique visitors and 80k+ subscribers and followers on social media. Tia and her Tips from Tia have been featured on podcasts, radio, and television. Tia had her start in radio. She was initially hired to run a studio board. However, after four days and answering a simple question on-air from the morning show host, she was given her own night show in Atlantic City. That started many adventures over the years, across the country, working in different markets and genres. She was an on-air producer for the #1 rated morning show in Philadelphia. She was also the nighttime host for the top-rated station in Seattle. With over 20 years of experience, Tia has worked with artists and celebrities throughout the years, conducting interviews and announcing headlining artists for sold-out arenas. Tia also has taught radio and production in Washington D.C. for CSB. Tia has been featured on iheart Radio, Daily times, CBS, VIACOM and TEDx.


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