Episode Summary

We can go into the CARES act and how to use that with all the programs.Damion Lupo went through the meltdown in 2008 and lost 20 million so he understands meltdowns, crashes and how to get through them. Join us on this episode on how to be best financially prepared during and after the Pandemic. Receive guidance on how to move through the survival thinking and simultaneously think about opportunities beyond this. Learn more about the  CARES act and how to use that with all the programs.

Guest 1: Damion Lupo

Show Notes

  • Talk about what we are spending money on and canceling CCs
  • Let’s talk loans for small businesses
  • How to stay in line between work and pleasure
  • Let’s talk about Damion’s Martial Art practice
  • Retirement in todays age.
  • Let’s focus on service to people and bring it back to Buddha

Links Mentioned:

Founder of Black Belt Wealth – Financial Literacy

Black Belt Wealth Academy 

Host of Financial Underdogs Podcast

Lead at 1522 – The Financial Mastermind

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