The first season of the Trailblazer’s of Coaching features 5 coaching leaders, icons, trainers, and experts of the field who cumulatively hold well over 100 years of coaching experience. 

Your Host, Christopher McAuliffe is a leader in the Coaching field, he’s been a professional coach since 1996, he’s a Master Certified Coach, CEO and Founder of the world’s finest coach training program Accomplishment Coaching where he has transformed thousands of lives in several countries. His years of woking with the international coach federation and the association of coaching training organizations has grown the field and profession specially in terms of ethics and training. Christopher also hosts The Coaching Show a podcast and former radio show since 2002. He currently lives with his wife and two children in San Diego. 

Rich Maxwell is a Professional Certified Coach. He received his coach training through Coach U and served for several years on the administration. In 1995 Rich founded Maxwell and Associates a coaching and consulting firm where he combines his coaching skills with leading edge concepts in leadership such as tribal leadership, situational leadership, the five dysfunctions of team, to serve clients from honesty, integrity, family to help them reach the top of their mountains.

Dr. Don R. Booz is best known as a Conversational Anthropologist. With an education and background in marriage and family therapy, conversational intelligence, a master practitioner in neuro linguistic programing and executive coach, Dr. Booz founded Booz and Associates, Inc an executive and organizational development firm. He is also a professional certified coach and the author of The Emotional Intelligence Primer for Today’s Leaders: How to be the difference that makes the difference and his second book Self-Talk: A hidden resource for Emotional Intelligence. 

Larry Williamson is a Master Certified Coach, a Board Certified Coach and a Master Certified Life Coach as well as the author of Successful Relationships: Sharing Simple Behaviors that bring results. Larry believes our limits are self imposted and his approach can be best described by “Embracing the vision of the tomorrow we choose to create.” Larry serves on the board for The American Society of Performance improvement, the North Carolina and US Business Leadership network, the American society of training and development, the North Caroline associate of personal and business coaches and the American red cross.

And last but not least Master Certified and Board Certified Coach, Adventurery, Life, and Leadership Coach, Author and Speaker who is known to many as Indiana Jones of the interior Dr. Patrick Williams! Dr. Williams is a psychologist turned executive coach, philanthropist, and educator who’s life is driven by curiosity. After 15 years as a practicing therapist, Patrick became on oof the coaching industries founding pioneers, helping found the International Coach Federation, created the institute for life coach training and started the global village to deliver the power of the coach approach to communities of all size in developing nations. Dr. Williams is the author of numerous books, is the founding member of various boards and organizations and was awarded education of the year by the new england educational institute in 2008.

Our goal, to introduce you to the leaders of this rapidly growing industry and to provide history, advice, training, and some humor for all the future Trailblazer’s of Coaching.

Welcome to the Trailblazer’s of Coaching…