We all strive for happiness. What if there was a scientific way to create miracles in our lives and find pure happiness? Dr. Larry Farwell joins us to explain how his inventions and techniques can be used to solve crimes, stop terrorism, and bring happiness to the people searching.


{02:00) Dr. Larry’s journey to being a neuroscientist.

{05:44} The biggest lesson learned.

{10:45} Scientific revolutions and resistance

{15:30} The biggest challenge in Dr. Larry’s career

{17:00} Inventing a lie detector called Brian fingerprinting.

{20:15} The American pursuit of happiness

{31:00} The Science of Creating Miracles

Dr. Larry Farwell Bio:

Dr. Larry Farwell is a Harvard-educated neuroscientist and the world’s leading expert on the Science of Creating Miracles. His revolutionary scientific research in neuroscience, quantum physics, and the role of consciousness in life and the universe has introduced a new scientific paradigm. He has developed practical techniques to apply the Science of Creating Miracles in life.

Dr. Farwell has worked with individuals, governments, agencies, high-ranking officials including heads of state, leaders, and organizations throughout the world, including the President of the United States, the US Navy, the FBI, the CIA, and their counterparts around the world. He has published his research in leading peer-reviewed scientific journals. He has been featured in major news media worldwide.

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