Tom Tonkin is the CEO and Founder of The Conservatory Group, an organization that provides high touch services to business executives that want to improve themselves, their team, and their environment. Tom spent a major part of his career at Oracle Corporation, 19 years to be exact. He was the Senior Director of the Sales Performance Group in Oracle’s Global Sales Academy. Tom’s industry background includes Healthcare, Insurance, and Telecommunications, with a focus on organizational behaviors. He holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from Regent University (Virginia Beach, VA) and a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership, with honors, with a focus on Leadership and Management from Regis University (Denver, CO). He has also received multiple business certifications and is a leadership expert.

Tom is a firm believer in the power of sincerity, and his philosophies offer a unique behavioral perspective on business, politics, relationships, and more. It seems and sounds like a good idea to be authentic with our friends, families, and coworkers. We even believe that we want others to be authentic with us, but what does authenticity really mean, practically, the final bastion of relationships?

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