Episode Summary

Success is not just about grit, hard work must have social and cultural supports in order to obtain goals. Dr. Anindya Kundu discusses the kinds of school and community-based resources that can allow individuals to tap into their potential and harness their agency. How do individuals come to form goals that are important to them? How can students overcome various personal, social, and institutional challenges to thrive? These are the kinds of questions Dr. Kundu has been researching for the last decade and he’s excited to provide his insights today.

Guest: Anindya Kundu

Show Notes

  • Introduce Hayden and Anindya and have a chat about COVID-19
  • How Anindya;s work can help this world?
  • Education as a collective responsibility
  • What’s the new book about?
  • Who do we want to see pick up the book.
  • Let’s talk long term look on education
  • One last story, please.

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