Jennie Antolak, president and co-founder of Learning Journeys, and Tirzah Marie Lewis, Director of Creative Development, lead a motley crew of engaging, intelligent, and fun coaches and coaching trainers representing all areas of business, non-profit, entrepreneurial, and educational arenas. They collectively provide a place where people learn and apply the true essence of coaching. There are no lessons on skillfully advising, artfully connecting dots, or keenly identifying blind spots for clients. Instead, they teach students how to trust the process of coaching and experience the true strength of the human spirit. In each class, Jennie and Tirzah demonstrate how coaching is the one modality which, if fully embraced, can magnify one’s sense of agency and conviction. In addition, they faithfully teach the coaching competencies that help others reconnect to their inner resources by tuning into intuition instead of listening to experts outside of themselves.   

Jennie and Tirzah have a combined 38+ years in the world of learning and development. Jennie possesses a degree in Communications, a Master’s Degree in Organizational Development, a Coach Practitioner and Mastery Level Certification, a Narrative Certification, and is an MCC level certified coach. 

Tirzah obtained her degree in Organizational Communications and holds both a Coach Practitioner and Narrative Certification. In addition, she is ACC credentialed. 

While both Jennie and Tirzah value experience and education, many of their less recognized successes are some of their proudest moments. Antolak relishes and shares with anyone who will listen about being crowned champion of the Layfette Square Noodle Races. And then there is Tirzah’s recent accomplishment-being awarded the Master of Pivoting; with the caveat of; most likely to lose her “Zoom Face” when disagreeing with the seemingly “simple answer”.  (Not everyone is as appreciates Tirzah’s latest success, but it doesn’t stop her from sharing either.) 

Both Jennie and Tirzah are committed to upping their game by always learning, constantly pushing the boundaries, and continuously striving for more. They hope the next time they connect with you, you will be a part of this Learning Journey, and it will be you that has a story you can’t wait to share.

Learning Journeys